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Countdown to SegWit: These Are the Dates to Keep an Eye On

Bitcoin’s very public scaling debate is entering a crucial phase. Two of the most popular scaling proposals available today — BIP148 and SegWit2x — both intend to trigger Segregated Witness (“SegWit”) activation within a month, which means that the protocol upgrade could be live within two.

At the same time, there is a very real risk that Bitcoin “splits.” Both BIP148 and SegWit2x could diverge from the current Bitcoin protocol, which could in turn lead to even more splits.

We will be issuing a statement prior to July 29th detailing how Independent Reserve aims to handle these events.

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End of double GST on Digital Currency transactions

It’s official. Scott Morrison has announced the removal of double GST on Digital Currency transactions in the 2017 budget.

From July 1 , 2017, digital currencies will be treated the same way as physical money for GST purposes. That means the current situation, where someone pays GST twice – first on the purchase of the cryptocurrency, then a second time when spending it on goods and services – would no longer apply.

This is great news for the Fintech sector in Australia and puts the country onto a strong footing for future growth and development.

Full details in Business Insider.

ADCCA Blockchain APAC Conference

APAC-Blockchain 2017-Logo-Final_HR.jpg

We are pleased to be able to offer a special discount to attend this year’s APAC Blockchain conference in Sydney from 7-9 March. With support by the ADCCA, the event will bring together business leaders and disruptive start-ups at the forefront of using and testing both Blockchain and Bitcoin’s potential. Hear from leading Australian and International Digital Currency and and Blockchain experts on a range of topics across the exciting, emerging FinTech market.

With some of the most engaging speakers in the world, including; Joseph Lubin, Ethereum and ConsenSys; Annabel Spring, Commonwealth Bank; Liam Maxwell, UK Government; Chami Akmeemana, ConsenSys, and many more, this event will focus on identifying the opportunities and overcoming the challenges to making this technology a commercial reality in the Asia Pacific.

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