Independent Reserve is an Australian Bitcoin Exchange where investors, traders and everyday people come to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Independent Reserve was founded in 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to transform digital currency technology into secure, robust and regulated financial services, and do things the right way. Our foundation is a strong and experienced executive team, with a broad range of skills in corporate leadership, financial markets, software engineering and regulatory compliance.

Our Credentials

Independent Reserve is a registered Australian company, underpinned by Australia’s highly regulated financial sector. Independent Reserve is audited by one of the Big Four, reinforcing our commitment to doing things the right way.

Our Technology

Our core servers are securely located at two Tier 3 data centres, in Sydney, Australia. This allows us to synchronously replicate all data across both locations, in real-time to ensure zero data loss should disaster strike and we have a fully configured production environment ready to fail over to should the need arise. Our data is signed and encrypted multiple times using geographically dispersed keys, spread across four data centres and we of course utilise cold storage to hold the majority of Bitcoins completely offline.


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