Microsoft Joins Chamber of Digital Commerce for Blockchain Advocacy

Microsoft continues their push to bring their Blockchain-as-a-Service to as many enterprises and developers in the world as possible. Moreover, the company recently joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce, which strengthens the company’s position in the field of distributed ledgers.

Microsoft has ventured into the world of distributed ledgers with their Blockchain-as-a-service business model on the Azure platform. Not only does this provide quick and convenient access to Blockchain technology for developers, but they can also benefit from other tools offered by Azure, such as multi-factor authentication. The Microsoft BaaS initiative launched in November of 2015, and their number of partners keeps growing month over month.

Microsoft Director BizDev & Strategy for Blockchain, Marley Gray, explained the situation as follows:

Microsoft is thrilled to join the Chamber of Digital Commerce. We firmly believe industry collaborations are critical to bringing distributed ledger technology to market. The work of the Chamber will advance distributed ledger technology in a thoughtful, pragmatic way.

Chamber of Digital Commerce President and Founder, Perianne Boring, stated:

Market leading companies continue to enter the Blockchain ecosystem at an unprecedented pace — further underlining the importance and potential of this transformative technology — and they quickly realize that education and advocacy efforts are mission-critical to the success of this industry’s future. We welcome Microsoft, USAA, Bloq and Symbiont, and their innovative teams to the Chamber of Digital Commerce and look forward to driving Blockchain and distributed ledger technology forward in DC, and beyond.

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