IBM Watson is Working to Bring AI to the Blockchain

IBM is currently attempting to merge artificial intelligence and the Blockchain into a single, powerful prototype.

With Blockchain tech’s promise of near-frictionless value exchange and artificial intelligence’s ability to accelerate the analysis of massive amounts of data, the joining of the two could mark the beginning of an entirely new paradigm.

Over the past three months, IBM’s chief architect in charge of Internet of Things security Tim Hahn has focused specifically on introducing the Blockchain to his company’s artificially intelligent computer named Watson.

Hahn told CoinDesk:
“What we’re doing with Blockchain and devices is enabling the information those devices supply to effect the Blockchain…You begin to approach the kind of things we see in movies.”

Potential applications include using distributed ledgers to let devices perform tasks like running self-diagnoses at set times and more advanced services that may someday let regulators virtually go back in time to the point where a device failed and “to identify exactly what went wrong,” Hahn said.

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